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Vaga Servisu husi Wartsila 2018

Grow Your International Career with WARTSILA

General Requirements

  • Min Diploma Degree
  • Strong academic track record GPA >=3 for Diploma degree
  • Candidate must have graduated from their academy/university
  • Derived from a faculty with an “A” Accreditation
  • Active in various organizational activities.

Willing to Attend

A One-Year training Program, with possibility placement on vary sites.

Candidates should possess

Good communication skills, Good computer skills, Can understand and interpret PI diagrams, Pleasing personality, Eagerness to learn, Good teamwork skills.

Educational Backgrounds

  • Electical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

What you should know

The trainees are to be trained in the basics Wartsila’s Engine as well as plant operation and maintenance with the objective that they can be flexible and competent enough to be assigned at Contract Management department.

How to Apply

Interested applicant should send the resume to Ms. Sonia Soares sonia.soares@wartsila.com at latest 31 December 2017.

Please put your Resume and legalized academic and transcript certificates on blue envelope.

On the right corner of your blue envelope, please write down your name and major.

Please be prepared for written test on the day, Shortlisted candidates will be announced on campus wall, and continue with the interview on the same day.

For more information about Wartsila, visit Wartsila website at www.wartsila.com


Informasaun :

Graduados 2017 husi Departamentu Electro ho Mecanica hotu bele tuir rekrutamentu ida nee (ignora tiha lai IPK, ho Dokumnetus sira neebe mensiona iha leten bele hatama ikus). Halo favor husik hela imi nia naran ho numeru telefone ba iha Sra. Sonia Soares ho Nu. Telf.: 77964521 ou email sonia.soares@wartsila.com, hateten katak imi prontu atu tuir teste rekrutamentu nian. Posibilidade boot teste sei hala'o iha Fakuldade Enjeñaria, Siensia no Teknolojia iha fulan Janeiru 2018.


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